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tomorrow. wait until you hear which battle she's talking about. actual facts compared to her memory. brian? >> have you heard about the obama tax cuts for the middle class? no. democrats aren't proposing new tax breaks. they just want to take credit for the current ones. who is behind the proposed name change, i ask? we'll answer. "fox & friends" starts now. >> we're going to have to deal with bill o'reilly a little later on. >> maybe you're not his friend, steve. maybe you need some time together alone. >> i will explain the anatomy of the follow-up a little bit later on. we have a lot of news this morning. huge upset in the primaries as voters make their choice in seven states and washington, d.c. biggest surprise, newcomer and tea party favorite christine o'donnell defeating long time congressman mike castle in delaware's senate g.o.p. primary. >> molly lyon live for us in boston with the roundup of all
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the results. good morning you to. >> good morning, steve, gretchen and brian. that's right, you know, total upset win in delaware, this is really a big story where the tea party favorite christine o'donnell managed to beat out mike castle. really a political legend in that state for the g.o.p. nomination for the senate seat. castle was a nine term congressman, is a nine term congressman and a former governor and won statewide election a dozen times. was backed by state g.o.p. leaders who aggressively slammed o'donnell throughout the course of this campaign referring to her as a liar and fraud. she proved him wrong, though, showing she could win this election. she won with 53% over castle's 47%. the national republican senatorial congratulated o'donnell. in a brief and underwhelming statement last night. she wouldn't be getting some national support because they don't think she'll be able to beat the democratic challenger in the fall. a very tight race, even right now as the votes are coming in
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between kelly ayotte, district -- the former attorney general in that state, i should say, and her challenger who billed himself as a true conservative in this race, ovide lamontagne surged in the final weeks of this race, really pulling ahead in the polls and considered himself going after the tea party supporters in the course of the campaign with roughly 85% of votes in new hampshire kelly ayotte leads over ovide lamontagne's 37%. democrats are trying to hold on to their power in washington. meanwhile, republicans are just trying to figure out, is this a new normal? will tea party backed candidates continue to beat essentially establishment candidates going forward? back to you. >> it's really an interesting question, molly. we'll be analyzing that and ultimately get the answer in november. thank you very much. talk to you again. meanwhile, 6:02. that's the story right now. what happened which would allow christine o'donnell to make up a
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17 point deficit from nowhere to everywhere and not only sneak by but trounce mike castle. remember they thought 30,000 would vote in total. look at that turnout. >> that's good news, brian, because the 30,000 is very upsetting in this democracy that we live in and if you have a voice and don't go and share it with people, with your vote, then you can't complain afterwards, right? but here, to me this is more of referendum on president obama. that's why the tea party candidates are winning. if the republican party was smart, they'll take these candidates in instead of doing what they are doing now which is maybe not even support christine o'donnell in delaware. that's not a smart move at all. if you want the democrat to win, go ahead and flounder by herself. >> she got a lot of support from governor sarah palin and senator jim demint. here she is last night during her victory speech. e>> people have already said that we can't win the general
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election. it is the same -- yes, we can! >> yes, we can! yes, we can! >> it is the same so-called experts who said we had no chance of winning the primaries. it will be hard work. but we can win. and if those same people who fought against me work just as hard for me, we will win! >> but she's going to need a lot of money because the democrats are going to fund that because that's a seat that they really need to hold. here's the thing. effectively during that victory speech, the national republican senatorial committee issued a statement that said congratulations, by the way, we're not going to help her get any funding. she got funding and she got support from sarah palin and tea party express. just go out there and tea party express and sarah palin, help her because we're not going to
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help her. >> r.n.c. is drawing a line in the sand between themselves and sarah palin as well. basically saying that sarah palin supported you and raised money for you to win this far. it's up to her to come up with money. rnc is saying to sarah palin as well we're not a supporter of you. this is suicide for the party. >> in a way. i'm shocked to see the battle between karl rove and sean hannity last night. winning eight to nine seats in the senate, we're now looking at seven to eight. in my opinion, this isn't a race we can win. >> maybe it comes down to, the people at the national senatorial committee are saying look, why would we spend a lot of dough on a race we don't think we can win. we wouldn't do that. you end up alienating people that aren't behind the republicans. >> that's why the people want! that's what the whole tea party
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is about. i don't live in delaware and i don't have anything in this race. mike castle was for cap and trade. >> she has a little bit of baggage. one of which she might have done already. she owed about $4,800 to fairly dickinson university. she just got her degree and owes $12,000 in federal taxes and in 2005, defaulted on her house payments in 2007. those are two issues she'll be dealt with head on. that's why, perhaps, people like larry and karl rove say wait a second, there's too many holes in this candidacy. >> we have a treasury secretary that didn't pay his taxes either and millions of people have foreclosed on their homes. i don't know. i'm saying i think it's so quick to pass judgment and saying she can't win the race. we don't know if she can win the race or not. >> she'll be joining us live, though. >> she will be and i think at 8:30 this morning. meanwhile, there's a big winner up in harlem. his name is charlie rangel.
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>> why wouldn't he win? why wouldn't he -- >> sure, all of those messages. >> speaking of questions. >> whether or not he can pay his taxes. he handily defeated adam clayton powell iv, it was a crowded field and charlie himself about the time they -- >> look at him on the stage. >> they brought out a cake from aretha franklin. >> it burned. >> she sent a cake last night. he was a little upset that the margin wasn't bigger than 51% but nonetheless, you know, considering everything, he's lucky and he thanked his lucky stars and his supporters last night. >> each one of you really have been a missionary for the right thing to do in this country and in this state and in this community. and if they take an example from us, the country would be far better off and that is make the judgment after the facts.
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>> there is charlie rangel. for some reason, he's hoarse. i didn't notice that. >> what are you talking about? >> he wins and he's the chairman of the house ways and means committee. >> alleged violations and he had mike bloomberg supporting him, the mayor of new york and president clinton supporting him. this is why tea party people are who they are today, folks. this is why. this is old time politics at its best. >> well, you know, his supporters might say innocent until proven guilty. >> true. i'll tell you what, one of the producers on this program was up in his district while they were voting and they had all sorts of trouble in new york city casting the ballots because the brand new very expensive electronic voting machines didn't actually work. but one of our producers heard people say, you know what? i wasn't really crazy about charlie rangel but i don't like the options given me so i'm going to go with the -- >> he was so exhausted on that lounge chair. >> that's crazy. there were five other options and a lot of them were very
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reputable. >> they were on our couch. >> coming occupy the show, carl paladino, another surprise win in new york over lazio and then tim cane will be here and christine o'donnell, the new republican senate candidate in delaware will join us at 8:30 eastern time. >> some of the best work that smeeshg pelosi has done is not doing anything publicly. the president has taken aim on somebody who could be the speaker of the house, and that is john boehner. but she was speaking up yesterday and optimistically, i don't know if this is a hope or a belief. >> right, she was asked whether or not she was worried she would lose the speaker post and she said "this has nothing to do with me. it has to do with our fight for the people of america." then she said this. >> i feel pretty confident about the caliber of our candidates. our members are battle tested. they've won these districts before. they can win -- they will win them again. i'm not yielding one grain of sand. i want to have a same, big strong majority that we have but
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i feel certain that we will. >> ok. congratulations. >> she has to say that. she's the speaker of the house. >> 39 seats. >> she also said that the message of health care has gotten out, that they've done a good job of doing that except for the fact that most democrats aren't even talking about health care. >> in their advertisements, here's what she's saying. >> last summer was a tough summer and our members saved the health care bill by going out, having a couple thousands of town meetings and other public events in order to communicate with their members. >> yeah and how effectively did they do? let's do a little flashback and take a look at a fox news opinion dynamics poll about the time of what you know, do you favor or oppose a new health care law? and 55%, as you can see, a poll taken march 16th and 17th as they were passing it oppose the law. so, perhaps, what she's talking about doesn't really jive with people. >> i was watching greta last night and i'm watching a whole
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bunch of attorney generals get together to overturn it and that's where they're really focusing on. in florida i saw a poll. 53% want it overturned. that's the battleground state. >> it is indeed. first, some of the headlines on a wednesday morning. the chilling 2911 tapes from that gas explosion that left four people dead. callers and emergency responders thought a plane had gone down. this was followed by more confusion. no water in the hydrants? >> we have no water in the hydrant. we need them to give it to us! >> copy that. >> go ahead. >> we think we got a broken water main down here so they need to lay in from the quarter. >> the ntsb is investigateding why it took the gas company three hours to shut off the gas. the developer behind the mosque near ground zero being bounced from his own office in new york city. according to this morning's "daily news" he was hit with
6:12 am
eviction proceedings for racking up $39,000 in back rent. not the first time he's fallen behind. his real estate company soho properties was sued last year for nearly $89,000 in back rent. american hiker sarah shourd safe in oman this morning and now the u.s. wants her friends set free, too. state department urging iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad to release josh fattal and shane bauer. they've been held captive for more than a year. >> i want to thank president ahmadinejad and the iranian officials, the religious figures. the ayatollah and everyone who has been a part of making this moment happen for me and for my family. >> fattal and bauer are charged with spying and face 10 years in prison in iran. they deny the accusations. >> she has to watch what she says. her fiance is there and her buddy is there. not going to get the true story for a while. g.o.p. hoping to win a house majority this november and getting some much needed help from a new group of
6:13 am
conservatives. the young guns representatives are cantor, ryan and mccarthy and they are next. >> and then don't mess with this meter man. he's taunting drivers who refuse to hand over their quarters. i'm chef michael, and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check.
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>> the republican party poised to take back the majority in the house come november and in a new wave of conservatives young guns could be instrumental in making that victory possible. i'm joined you no by three of them. republican congressman eric cantor, paul ryan and kevin mccarthy, the co-authors of the new book "young guns, a new generation of conservative leaders." good morning, gentlemen. i should say congressmen, all three of you. let me get it right out of the bag right away. what's the requirement to be a young gun? what age? >> there's not an age to it. this is something that fred barnes coined three years ago.
6:17 am
in 2006, the party was fired before their spending errors and fred barnes looked at a group of people that could help bring the conservative party back based on principles and solving problems and that's what defined young guns. >> so you were the strategist. congressman ryan was the thinker and congressman cantor was the leader. >> uh-huh. >> do those labels fit? >> look, what -- as kevin said, you know, we saw what happened to our party in 2006 and 2008 and frankly, we saw a lot of what went on there contributing to the difficulties that the american people were facing. and so what we tried to do was to go and look for candidates to come join us in a movement that is now inside and outside washington that is based on a very optimistic conservative view for america. >> uh-huh. >> gretchen, right now, people are very frustrated. we know that. people are out of work and they're let down by what their government has shown them. >> yep. >> we're about trying to change
6:18 am
that by going back to the common sense conservative vision that we know has been the successful formula for america. >> congressman ryan, some of that change means going against the establishment which is within your own party. >> the purpose of this book is to own up to the fact that the republican majority lost its way the last time we were in the majority, we have to own up to that if we're going to rededicate ourselves it these founding principles that built this country. what we're trying to do here is go out and recruit men and women from across america to come to congress not to have a career in politics but to come in advance of a cause to getting this country back on track. >> one of the most dwissive issues in the last year has been health care. democrats said look, once you read the bill and once it's in effect, you'll like it a lot better than it was before. all the polls are saying that's not true, right? >> americans are more dissatisfied with the bill than before. look at the -- we're 49 days away from the election. there's not one democrat running an ad saying they're voting for it or touting for it. you have democrats walking away. you know the first start of
6:19 am
repealing it when the 1099 forms are coming up. this is a march of going through that we have to repeal this bill and correct what's going on. >> i would say one of the first things that we'll do if we are lucky enough to regain the majority is to put a bill on the floor and to repeal obama care and we've got to begin to coalesce around this notion that that bill is not good for america. we have a president in the white house who is not necessarily going to go along with that vision but it's up to us if we are lucky enough to be in that position to shine the spotlight on what's so wrong with this bill and frankly, how it is detrimental to job growth which is where most americans want to see some progress. >> young guns, if you would, stick around. we want to carry you over for another segment. i want to talk taxes with you when we return. >> a group called the center for american progress is using justin bieber in their marketing to help get out the vote in november. what better symbol to get out the vote than someone who is too young to vote and canadian.
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>> got a couple of quick headlines for you. ground zero first responders will head to washington today to fight for a bill that would give them free health care for life. the measure would provide coverage to people who were exposed to toxins after the terror attacks and the cleanup down in lower manhattan. meanwhile, the house of representatives is considering shortening its fall session by a week so lawmakers can hit the campaign trails saying they're trying to save their jobs. this would mean lawmakers would be out by october 1st if not sooner. they just got back from a five-week vacation. exhausting. gretch, over to you.
6:24 am
>> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions i'll vote for them but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans if we want to get our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. >> so you are saying you would vote for the middle class tax cuts if that's all you can get done. >> if that's what we can get done but i think that's bad policy. i don't think that's going to help our economy. >> and that was republican john boehner on sunday saying that he would support the tax cuts even if it didn't include all americans, that has become controversial. i'm back with the young guns, congressman eric cantor, paul ryan and kevin mccarthy. all right, this is the leader of you young guns, right? congressman ryan, what was congressman boehner saying? >> look, we are not interested in raising taxes on anybody. we're not going to help president obama and nancy pelosi raise taxes at this kind of moment in the economy.
6:25 am
you can't love jobs and raise taxes on the people who create jobs. >> but he sounded like he was making a deal. >> no, i don't think he was making a deal and we've since, you know, he's since said that he was want making a deal. the problem with these tax increases is it will slow down our economy, cost us jobs. it's a tax increase on small businesses doing all the hiring. most of our jobs come from small businesses. these tax increases will hit 50% of all small business income so we are not interested in negotiating down these tax cuts. we want to make sure we pass these. the great thing about this, gretchen, is we believe we have enough democrats, handful of democrats that will vote with us to extend all the tax rates. if this comes to the floor, we will provide the votes to pass this. the question is will president obama and speaker pelosi allow that to happen or not? if we do not see these tax cuts extended it's because the president and the speaker denied congress the chance to pass these. >> right after congressman boehner, congressman mccarthy said this, senator mcconnell came out and said no, i'm not going to allow any of this to happen. it's going to be tax cuts for
6:26 am
all americans. he has more leverage in the senate, right? >> well, because the rules of the senate take 60 votes. i would say that's the view of the majority of the house. what paul was saying. you can't go in and tax a small business with 70% of all the jobs that are created. in this tax, also, tax dividends. what about the individuals living on the fixed income? this is terrible in a recession of what he's proposing. and for the democrats not even allowed to bring it up. you have democrats on the floor who are running a bill, are running a letter asking the vote to come up so she can extend it to everyone. >> congressman cantor, the president has really said that it's the republicans who are against him on this. how will he strategically handle this if it's a bipartisan majority who are against him? >> well, you know, this is not the first time the president has bucked the will of the american people. and what we've seen now again is speaker pelosi denying the voices of the american people and in reality, a majority bipartisan majority in congress.
6:27 am
so going to do everything we can, gretchen to fight to make sure that we can see a bill come to the floor that ensures no tax hikes are in the offing for any american. >> if these are the new faces of the republican party, the three young guns here, here's what fred barnes from "the weekly standard" says about your foug futures, congressman cantor, you will be the next majority leader the next time the republicans control the house. yes or no? >> no one is in the race. what we're trying to do right now is to reset the equation both for our party and the country and we believe we have put together a team that can do that. >> congressman ryan, you're going to be the chairman of the house budget committee. >> again, we don't want to measure it, we want to win this election. >> i assume congressman member mccarty, you're going to tell me you won't major the drapes. you'll be in the majority leader. >> i've been there four years. i don't even have drapes. i have blinds. >> good answer. "young guns" it's a new book.
6:28 am
pleasure to speak with you. thanks so much. >> thanks for having us. >> let's go to steve and brian and see what they're up to. >> thanks, gretch. great job. have you heard about the obama tax cuts for the middle class? no, democrats aren't proposing new tax breaks. they want to take credit for the current ones from george bush. who is behind the name change? we'll talk about that. >> rebranding. and what was harry reid thinking showing up at a green energy summit with a fleet of s.u.v.'s? they guzzle gas. i used to have one. >> the out of control meter man is telling off people who skip out on paying their quarters. oh, man. >> and happy birthday to my fellow royal, prince harry. the british royal now turns 26 today. [ lisa ] my nams lisa, and i smoked for 29 years. the one thing about smoking -- is it dominates your life,
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>> all right. your shot of the morning, senate majority leader harry reid and his entourage roll into a clean energy summit in, get this, a fleet of s.u.v.'s, the senator is going to talk about being green and clean but prefers to be sheltered around in that fleet of s.u.v.'s and get this, he only had to go 100 yards and he still had to assemble that group of cars. >> they should have called
6:33 am
somebody. they should have had a parade of priuses out there to make a statement. instead, a little shot of the morning for you. >> a little snafu with the marketing, right? >> i think so. we got some headlines for you. lawyers for the imam from new york who plans to build a mosque near ground zero heading to court today after being sued by the city where that imam owns two apartment buildings. the lawsuit filed in union city, new jersey, across the river from manhattan says faisal rauf has not addressed mold problems and fire hazards pointed out by his tenants over the years. it also says he's ignored orders from city officials on numerous code violations. no comment yet from rauf. >> less than a month after the bodies of 72 migrants were found on a ranch between the texas and mexico board he, the chief quitting her job. she has been leading mexico's national immigration institute since 2006.
6:34 am
mexican officials suspect drug gangs were behind the workers. >> sweet victory for those of you with a sweet tooth. researchers from the candy company mars said they finally mapped it from the cocoa tree. scientists are also working hard at something. i think nougat. >> a meterman forced to resign after his rant on the job was caught on tape. >> i don't give a [beep] about the job. a guy like you should be [beep] out of here. yeah, i lost my temper. see what that says? volunteer, you don't know what the [beep] that means. >> that's barry shore. he went ballistic on a man in dell ray beach, florida, after threatening to take off his wife 30 secondly after she parked in front of an expired meter. >> the parking attendant is giving me a ticket. i'm like hey, buddy, wait a
6:35 am
second. >> he admits he was wrong to lose his cool but the couple is thinking about suing him. come on. he lost his job. isn't that enough? >> volunteer position. no kidding. >> meanwhile, a big primary night as voters made their choices known in seven states and the district of columbia. in new york, embattled congressman charlie rangel won the democratic nod for the seat he's held for 40 years despite facing ethics charges. john huddy from our new york affiliate wnyw joins us live with more. good morning to you, john. >> good morning. yeah, the so-called lion of harlem again roared to victory last night. the voters here in harlem spoke loud and clear. they're sticking by their man, charlie rangel despite those ethics violations hanging over his head and likely house ethics trial later this fall. now, rangel beat five other competitors last night in last night's primary including his toughest competitor, adam clayton powell iv whose father, by the way, rangel beat 40 years ago as a young reform candidate.
6:36 am
now, last night's victory for rangel likely solidifies his re-election in november. you know, this was a race that was being watched not only here in new york very closely but also nationally. the republicans were hoping that rangel would not coast to victory last night. and that they could use that against the democrats in the fall. however, that is not the case. one of the questions i asked rangel yesterday, by the way, after he and his wife voted was if he ever considered basically throwing in the towel, retiring, giving up, just taking it easy. he said, that thought never crossed his mind although it did cross his wife's mind quite a few times, he told me. and i bet voters here this morning are glad that he did not throw -- that he did not throw in the towel, that he did not give up. by the way, in the fall, along with these ethics violations he's facing, he's also facing a republican competitor of michael faulkner, a local minister here in harlem. so that's the latest from harlem. charlie rangel winning last
6:37 am
night's primary. back to you. >> all right, john huddy. thank you very much for a live report. >> all right. in a striking upset, new yorkers send former republican congressman rick lazio packing and the nominated favorite as the g.o.p. canndidate for governor but can he beat andrew cuomo from that cuomo family in november. >> republican nominee for governor joins us right now. congratulations to you, sir. >> thank you. >> imagine it was a very long night for you. we appreciate the early morning appearance. let's talk about how you did it. i mean, lazio is a well known commodity here in new york. a well known name. you haven't been in politics before, have you? >> no, this is my first time running. >> so what do you think it was, sir? >> oh, the message. the message was very clear. the people in the state of new york are really fed up with their government as is it's
6:38 am
evolved over the years. they're tired of the reckless spending, the reckless taxing. they -- they see absolutely no focus on -- on the creation of jobs and right now, we're -- we're hurting for jobs real badly. our manufacturing base and our skill -- our other skilled trades, our farms, we've been losing jobs over the past couple of years. and our state government has done little to provide an incentive or at least an atmosphere to expand jobs. >> yeah. by the way -- >> as a result, the people have -- >> as you know, the new york government which is one of the reasons you're a developer out of buffalo, one of the reasons you decided to get in is almost no one can argue, new york politics is an absolute travesty. it's a circus and you're trying to straighten it out. here's some comments that you've made that people say make you right for democrats to attack you. you've been very vehemently anti-mosque. some people are upset about
6:39 am
that. anti-she wou anti-sheldon silver, you'd like to parade him through jail and have him beat up. you compared obama care to 9/11. are those statements mischaracterized or do you still back them sf>> no, i still back them. i'll back everything i say. >> let's talk a little bit, carl, the fact that you were backed by the tea party and your opponent, rick lazio was the establishment candidate and a lot of people say they voted for you because the g.o.p. in new york state has lurched to the left. they aren't as conservative as they used to be. going forward, i would imagine you would continue to have the support of the tea party. christine o'donnell down in delaware also is a tea party backed republican and they say she can't win because of the things she's done in the past. what's your message to people who say that tea party candidates in some cases cannot beat the democrats? >> i don't look at myself as
6:40 am
being a candidate of the tea party. i'm a member of the tea party. i enjoy having the support of many disaffected new yorkers, people that are -- have been fed one the way their government has been operating. they're fed up with and tired of the things i mentioned earlier. they want to see change, the status quo is unacceptable to them for the future. they're tired of the party leaders making the selection of who their elected officials will be. they want to be independently vetted to these leaders. and this is what you're seeing a 21st century evolution of -- or new culture coming into albany to do the people's work. the people don't trust the politicians that have been in office. >> mr. paladino, it's not only albany, new york but it's happening all over country. we saw it several other places last night. thank you, sir, for sharing your time with us this morning and we will chat with you as the
6:41 am
gubernatorial race heats up here in new york. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right. you know, a lot has been made about whether or not congress will extend the so-called bush era tax cuts. you know, it appears everybody is for the tax cuts for the middle class but for the most successful, you know, that jury is still out. well, apparently, there is a move in congress at least it's been circulated by some liberal blogers and why do you call these the bush tax cuts? maybe you should change the names of that. >> interesting enough, brian and i were talking about this yesterday. do you think that would happen? guess what, it is. you must be a soothe sayer of sorts. >> i am. >> since this administration took over, they changed the names of a lot of things. it wouldn't be surprising they would not want to have the bush name on something that many people consider to be a good thing. so instead now they're going to call it something about obama's middle class tax cuts. not the bush tax cuts.
6:42 am
>> it's called obama tax cuts for the middle class as opposed to the bush tax cuts because could liberal could support anything with bush on them. do you have an analogy for us where people can actually vote and weigh? >> no. >> i don't think so. >> why are you hold that in your hand? >> we've taken this can of coke and it's the bush tax cut, right? here's another can of coke and they simply put the obama tax cut on the outside. who wants to taste test this? >> go ahead. >> it's too sugary for me in the morning. maybe stu varney will have some over there. >> all right. tastes great, less filling. that's the bush tax cut. >> right, billy martin, george steinbrenner. surprisingly identical. >> that's amazing. >> so despite the fact they've had different names. >> will you buy into it? >> the bush tax cut tastes exactly like the obama tax cut. >> they will not be the same if all tax cuts are passed.
6:43 am
that would be the only difference. but remember, they've done this in the past. war on terror, couldn't say those words at all in this administration. instead it was overseas contingency operations. >> where is that bottle of bicard s bicardi? >> where it always is, right on my calf. >> he wants another bank bailout and says it will create thousands of jobs. stu varney says don't believe all the numbers you hear. >> stu varney, he's the real thing. starbucks customer takes a big step back responding to customer anger about their coffee menu. >> it's pumpkin spice latte season. this time they're on the guest list and have no problem getting in. >> it will be a first for "fox & friends." first on this day, the quote of the day. who said this?
6:44 am
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6:47 am
>> i have a couple of quick headlines and then stuart varney wants to say something reportedly. senate majority leader harry reid wants to help illegal immigrants become legal. he's adding language to the latest defense funding bill that would grant citizenship to young illegal aliens if they attend college. if they attend college or join the military for at least two years. faster than you could say pumpkin spice latte, ok, starbucks is putting tall 12 ounce drinks back on its drive-through menus. this a relief. controversy started brewing a few weeks ago when starbucks took the option of the menu offering only the bigger, more expensive drinks. i'll go track that story. >> good job, barista breath.
6:48 am
>> i'll have one of the lattes if you're running over there, brian. thanks. $30 billion measure that would require backing cleared a vote in senate with a final vote expected later this month. republicans call it a better bailout but it helps create thousands of jobs. >> stuart varney says this is just like fantasy island but in this case, it's the jobs, the jobs harry reid says. >> that's my line. it's fantasy island economics. >> i added the jobs, the jobs part. >> good. on two fronts. >> i'll call you tattoo for the rest of the show. >> thank you. first of all, you have this $30 billion so-called small business aid package, ok? do you know what it actually does, $30 billion will be used, taxpayer money will be used to buy preferred stock in some troubled community banks. >> we bought stocks in banks before. big banks. >> this is called mini top 2, ok? it's a bailout of community banks. this, we are told, is going to -- president obama says help millions of small business owners get loans.
6:49 am
that is a stretch. second fantasy, harry reid having pushed for this, senator reed comes out and says it will create between 500,000 and 700,000 jobs. that's -- isn't that fantasy? where did that number come from? i can't find any analysis which says it will create these jobs. >> if you look back over the last year since the stimulus was supposed to create all of these jobs, they can't even get their numbers straight. just last weekend on the show, steny hoyer said two, three, million, four million jobs. >> if you're going to make up some numbers, make up some good ones. >> pick out a number on the air and put it out there and let it ride. that's what you do. that's politics. >> we were having a debate of whether or not the american public is smarter now to actually look into those numbers or do they just believe them when people say? >> never underestimate the intelligence level of the american public when it comes to
6:50 am
how their economy is performing. they can see what's happening. you can't fool them. >> stu varney is on the fox business channel, the power to prosper. >> i like that, steve. >> thank you very much. >> the plug! the plug! >> all right, tattoo, we got to get to this now. hidden message in the primary election results and pollster scott rasmussen said it's helping him make predictions of 2012. [ male announcer ] you can dream of delivering leading edge i.t. solutions to local hospitals or, like windstream communications, you can dream it and do i windstream lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> here is the answer to the quote of the day. charlie rangel. he said something special. the winner, chuck, he knew it. he's from florida. let's talk politics. tea party delivering a series of blows last night defeating several g.o.p. established candidates. perhaps the biggest upset to date in delaware, christine
6:54 am
o'donnell defeated incumbent, well known incumbent mike castle for the g.o.p. senate nomination. o'donnell was behind in the polls until the tea party got behind her including sarah palin over the last month. our next to analyze this and where we go from here, co-authors of this brand new book "mad as hell, how the tea party movement is fundamentally remaking our two party system." doug shoen is here and scott rasmussen is an independent pollster. what does all this mean? first to you, scott. we have this sudden victory in delaware. read into the numbers. >> well, the first thing it does is confirms the thesis of our book that people are mad as hell and it speaks to lack of credibility to the establishment politicians have when they begin to attack christine o'donnell. it just didn't carry the weight that they thought it would. clearly, this is a tactical victory for the democrats. democrats would have had a better -- now have a better chance of winning the delaware senate seat but overall, it speaks to the bad strategic situation for democrats because people are angry, they're angry at washington. and it is going to lead to a big
6:55 am
night for republicans in november. >> right. angry is a good word, isn't it? it seems the republicans are angry at o'donnell for running and winning. they're not going to support her according to our own carl cameron with dollars. >> the fascinating thing that scott and i point to in "mad as hell" is the republican establishment is out of touch as the democratic establishment. there's an authentic grassroots nonpartisan reaction against political leaps. we're seeing it in delaware and seen evidence in new york with carl paladino's win and a lot of evidence of it in new hampshire, too. >> let's go right to it. paladino's win, rich, very good developer and he'll put $10 million of his own money and rick lazio lost by basically a 2-1 margin. how? why? >> again, this goes to the core issue. voters don't like the republicans that have been in power. 75% of republicans across the nation say their leaders are out of touch with the party base.
6:56 am
51% believe the republicans in congress are too liberal. and what is happening is there is a grassroots revolt that's saying it's not the r or the d next to the name that matters, it is your views. >> real quick, 15 seconds, doug, has this -- this story has yet to be written because we have to see how they do in the general. correct? success in primaries doesn't add up to success in november. >> there clearly, as scott said, is short term tactical weakness for the republicans. but given the energy and enthusiasm that the tea parties have shown, the fact that voters are mad as hell shows november will be pretty darn good for republicans. >> congratulations on your book. it shows two people can work together. we'll see you guys again. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, the mainstream media would have you believe muslims in america are victims of climate of hate. has anybody looked at the incidence of hate? numbers don't add up. they go down then do you have a food town card in your wallet?
6:57 am
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>> it's post election day on "fox & friends." thanks for sharing your time on wednesday, september 15, 2010. the referendum on washington takes another step towards the midterm election. a full recap of last night's winners and losers coming up. >> man, she's happy. isn't she? despite the anti-incumbent theme, nancy pelosi has a joe namath moment. why she guarantees the dems would keep the house. >> i was thinking sidelines on espn and suzy culver, i was hoping it wasn't that moment. >> meanwhile, no strangers to making headlines but now, something about the salahis you've never heard before until today. they are here with the stunning exclusive announcement this half-hour.
7:01 am
oh, boy. sit down, stay right there. "fox & friends" hour 2 starts right now. >> hello, everyone, this is miss u.s.a. 2010 and you're watching my favorite show, "fox & friends." >> wow. she speaks for america. >> she does. >> thank you very much and thanks for joining us this morning. big day on the docket. new this morning, listen to part of the chilling 911 tape. this is from the gas explosion in san bruno, california that left four people dead. >> emergency responders initially thought a plane had crashed. right now, the ntsb investigating why it took the gas company nearly three hours to turn off the gas. a string of sloppiness and mistakes by air traffic controllers caused that mid air collision over the hudson river last summer. that's according to a new ruling from the national transportation safety board. nine people were killed when the
7:02 am
sightseeing helicopter crashed into an airplane. one controller was on the phone apparently cracking jokes when he should have been doing his job warning the pilots. i guess we'll do a little weather here. >> indeed, people are wondering about what's going on out in the atlantic. three major storms brewing out there. tropical storm karl set to become a hurricane and threatening mexico's yucatan peninsula. three to five inches expected there. hurricane igor, category 5 storm, roughly the size of arizona with winds topping out at 155 miles an hour. it's sitting 1600 miles to the east-southeast of miami and trailing behind igor is hurricane julia. that storm also a category 4 so it's a busy week in the fox weather center. >> time to give you an update on the american hiker sarah shourd. she is safe in oman this morning and now the u.s. wants her companions set free from iran, too. the state department is urging iranian president mahmoud
7:03 am
ahmadinejad to release josh fattal and shane bauer. they've been held captive for more than a year. >> and i'm very humbled, the more i learn about what people have done for me, what governments have done for me, the more i feel humbled and grateful. >> fattal and bauer are charged with spying. they face 10 years in prison. they deny the accusations. you won't hear the true story from sarah until she gets those two men out of iran as well. one of them is her fiance. >> uh-huh. all right. 3 minutes after the top of the hour now. voters headed to the polls for a big primary night. biggest surprise among the results this morning, no doubt about it. tea party favorite christine o'donnell defeating long time congressman mike castle in delaware's senate g.o.p. primary. got molly lyon live in boston to put it into perspective and round up the races all except new hampshire, right? >> yeah. new hampshire is still out there. still waiting on that one but like you said, delaware, that
7:04 am
was a stunner. big win for christine o'donnell backed by the tea party. she beats the guy who is tremendously well known in delaware. mike castle, he's a political legend there. nine term congressman, former governor, he's won election there 12 times and he was backed by state leaders, g.o.p. leaders in the state who tried to make it seem like o'donnell was unelectable. she proved them wrong and she won by a six point margin. 53% over castle at 47%. the national republican senatorial committee congratulated o'donnell but they have said essentially she won't be receiving a lot of funding. she may be on her own in this race. looks like if that comes to pass. back in new hampshire, kelly ayotte, the attorney general still waiting on the results to see if she managed to eke out a victory over ovide lamontagne. in this last week or so, surged in the polls. he's billed himself as the true conservative in this race and have courted the tea party activists so he did have some
7:05 am
tea party support out there. kelly ayotte leads 38% over ovide lamontagne right behind with 37%. in new york, embattled democrat congressman charlie rangel will hold on to his house seat there for four decades, he's held that seat despite facing ethics charges and a likely trial, he has with 56% of precincts reporting, he had 52% over the vote over his closest challenger adam clayton powell had 24%. rush to the midterms as we wait to see what happens between now and november. democrats trying to hold on to the power they had in washington and the house and senate. republicans coming up quickly. they have a lot of internal turmoil to handle to figure out what to do with the tea party movement and what this could mean for establishment candidates heading into the general election. back to you. >> nicely put. thank you very much. because mike castle in delaware was the establishment guy and now the establishment is saying we're not going to -- we're not going to help fund the tea party candidate, christine o'donnell
7:06 am
who, you know, she's run for things before. she ran against joe biden in 2008. she's never won a race and, you know, she effectively painted him as being too liberal. her republican counterpart. >> he was in favor of cap and trade. i can't think of any other republican in favor of cap and trade. he also voted for the stimulus, i believe, and that irritated a lot of the tea party followers. you have to wonder right now, i've been saying this for the last year or so on this show, the republican party has to get together with the tea party. they have to. for the r.n.c. to come out now and say they're not going to fund this race, what are they going to do? fund the democrat? it's kind of a ridiculous statement to say you're not going to fund the republican candidate now in delaware. >> they got a warning, too, when the establishment candidate went down in alaska to relative unknown joe miller, everyone said go, send the big guns, lit arely. governor christie went and campaigned for castle. so send the most popular governor around, republican governor around to help out.
7:07 am
it wasn't enough to help out. governor palin a month ago said christine o'donnell is my woman. i'll back her. she does have what many people consider baggage with bankruptcy. >> who doesn't? >> i don't have a bankruptcy. >> i'm just saying. >> i don't know, who doesn't? auto athese are all issues she's going to bring up. >> she's late on her house payments. people like karl rove say they believe she's unelectable and larry indicating the same thing but in the big picture, let's see if that all goes behind, people rally behind her because if she's close, why would the r.n.c. pass up an taunt too get a seat that could deliver them the senate? >> maybe what they're thinking is we're positive she can't win. we'll try to limit the damage and not going to spend a bunch of dough on that particular race. if that's the thinking, ultimately it's going to anger a lot of true conservatives. a lot of true conservatives did vote for christine o'donnell yesterday and a lot of tea party supporters as well and she's thanked all of them last night in a big tea party victory.
7:08 am
a lot of people have already said that we can't win the general election. it is those same -- yes, we can! >> >> , yes, we can! >> it is the same so-called experts that said we had no chance of winning the primaries. it will be hard work. but we can win. and if those same people who fought against me work just as hard for me, we will win! >> stuart rothenberg says this move, the delaware race to a republican column, says while the tea party activists are jumping for joy at the primary result, it's democrats that will have the last laugh. >> other issue here is the incumbency issue and mr. castle now is the seventh republican incumbent to lose in a primary
7:09 am
so there are a lot of people out there. they are angry with washington regardless of what party the candidate is in. >> yes, and i think it's just a total referendum from the tea party activists or i shouldn't call them activists but supporters, total referendum on the obama policies. i think that's what you're seeing and on any incumbent republican who they feel supported any of those policies. in the meantime, a very well known democrat has won his primary again, charlie rangel here in new york, even though he's facing 13 ethics violations, was able to win over, i believe, five other candidates. it wasn't even close. >> each one of you really have been a missionary for the right thing to do in this country, in this state, and in this community. and if they take an example from us, the country, we'll be far better off and that is make the judgment after the facts. >> and given the way
7:10 am
registration so favors the democrats in his particular district, the real race for that seat was yesterday. it was in the primary. it is not going to be in the general, the conventional wisdom is. he will face off against reverend michael faulkner, the republican but people are saying look, he just got the job again yesterday. >> that's what people hate about politics right now, i think. they hate this whole establishment idea, term limits is suddenly coming to the forefront again because that's what people are frustrated about, that it's always a foregone conclusion. anyway, nancy pelosi may be fighting for her jb as speaker of the house coming up in november but she says that she's sure her party will keep the house. >> i feel pretty confident about the caliber of our candidates. our members are battle tested. they've won these districts before. they can win -- they will win them again. i'm not yielding one grain of sand. i want to have the same big, strong majority that we have. but i feel certain that we will. >> you know, i sense that her
7:11 am
own constituents, her own party doesn't believe that because why else would moderate dems be jumping ship when it comes to the bush tax cuts being exte extended. you have gary peters of illinois and earl pomeroy, also a democrat who said look, i'm for leaving the bush tax cuts in place, let's cut a deal. if nancy pelosi is the all powerful one and isn't very powerful, i don't think they'd be jumping. >> we heard from the young guns, yuj republicans who say they believe they have a bipartisan majority to pass all of the bush tax cuts, to get bipartisan majority in the house which is in control by the democrats, that means you have to have a lot of democrats who are with the republicans on this. >> you know, nancy pelosi said that she -- she said it on primary election day, a big one and essentially what she was doing was trying to calm jittery democrats. house members. because she should calm herself as well because if they lose a
7:12 am
majority, she's out. steny hoyer is probably out. they'll probably clean house. she did say when it came to health care, you know, the democrats really were able to get their message out and really get a good job selling them at those town halls. remember this? >> last summer was a tough summer and our members saved the health care bill by going out, having thousands -- again, a couple of thousand of town meetings and other public events in order to communicate with their members. >> and they really -- and they really won people over. let's take a look at a poll of how elated everybody is with the health care program. they're saying i'm flat out against it. what is it? those in favor of the bill, 35% those opposed to the one that passed, 36%. >> that was when they passed it. main street america would have you believe that muslims in america are victims of more hate crimes than ever. did anybody look at the numbers?
7:13 am
we did. facts are next. >> no strangers to making headlines. today the salahis are revealing something you've never heard before. they are here live. it is a "fox & friends" exclusive. so buckle in. we'll be right back. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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7:16 am
>> everywhere you turn, people claim the united states is infested with islamaphobia because most americans, well, as you can see -- >> in this poll. >> talk about the mosque and whether or not it should be built at ground zero. well, 63% say no, it should not and then the claim goes against them that they must have islamaphobia. >> and it must be raising throughout the country. here to give us the true facts, national review on-line editor at large and fox news contributor jonah goldberg. what did you find when you looked into what many people think is a rash of anti-islamic behavior in the country? >> well, first of all, this talk about the anti-muslim
7:17 am
backlash isn't new. it just comes up every six, eight to 12 months. every year, people have been talking about this anti-muslim backlash. a lot of muslim activist groups say this is anti-muslim backlash and you can go back every year including to right after 9/11 and you'll find that the number of incidents of anti-muslim hate crimes according to the f.b.i., you know, crime statistics is -- is shockingly small. in fact, crimes against jews almost every single year outnumber crimes against muslims by something like 6-1. >> it's amazing when you look at the stats. let's look at them. so there were 481 incidents in 2001. there were only 28 in 2000. that was the year of 9/11. they dropped to 155 incidents in 2002. 149 incidents in 2003 and hovered around the mid 100's since. as you point out, when you look at the hate crimes against jews in our country which by the way, we are not anti-jewish in this
7:18 am
country, there's much, much higher. why? >> well, you know, it's a tough question or it's an interesting question. i think part of it is there's sort of this thriving idiot, you know, culture among -- especially among young men about, you know, neo-nazi stuff and drawing swastikas on synagogues and cemeteries and it's disgusting and reprehensible but he does not prove there's an anti-jewish backlash in this country. and if there's not an anti-jewish backlash, when six times more hate crimes are committed against jews than muslims it's kind of hard to see how there's an anti-muslim backlash going on. >> i'd like to hear you what khan, good friend of this imam, here's what he said about this country taking out our own twin towers. listen. >> i've been involved in the 9/11 truth movement since september 12, 2001. we're all saying this minimum stream explanation is completely false and there's compelling evidence to suggest not only
7:19 am
it's false but it was some form of inside job. we can all agree with that. >> if we disagree with that, are we an islama phobic? >> if you agree with that, you're still stupid to be a spell checker at an m&m factory. this thing -- these guys are, i think the real problem in this way. if you want to talk about islama phobia, right? this climate out there where people are saying, look at these quran burners and terry jones and all the rest. this proves everyone in this country hates islam. i think what's really going on in this country is a lot of people are fed up with this double standard, with this -- with this talk about a muslim backlash. about everybody having to walk on egg shells when it comes to muslims or else they'll riot and kill people. but for everybody else, you can say the most damning things and you can burn bibles and burn the qurans. >> they attacked us. we should all remember that, too. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> well, do you have a supermarket club card in your wallet? do you?
7:20 am
>> no. >> ok. do you know cards like that contain enough information for someone to steal your identity in just seconds. our next guest will prove it. >> stevie wonder, martha stewart and george bush involved in the same court case. why? ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if cars didn't need keys? [ clicking ] if yu could talk to them with this? [ beep ] wouldn't it be cool if you made a legend available to everyone?
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7:23 am
>> glad you're finally up. time for your numbers by the numbers. $39,000. that's how much the developer behind the ground zero mosque owes in back rent. as a result, he's being evicted. 3800, that's the number of lawsuits federal inmate jonathan lee riches has filed from his prison cell against everyone from stevie wonder to martha stewart to george w. bush. he calls it a pastime but now the feds are turning the tables and suing him in an effort to stop the flood of frivolous lawsuits. and finally, $12 million. that's how much jennifer lopez
7:24 am
will earn next year as an "american idol" judge. congrats to j. lo but you only have a one-year deal. be productive! >> all right, brian. in the meantime in, the past, when you lost your wallet, your biggest concern was canceling your credit cards, right? well, now, the risk is a lot bigger. you can lose your entire identity. our next guest had his identity stolen and he says he can steal yours just by looking at your local grocery store savings card. he is the author of "privacy means profit, prevent identity theft and secure your bottom line." some people stole your identity and charged up $300,000. >> they did, yeah many my business partner used it to commit a whole series of crimes. >> your business partner? >> my business partner. then i was held liable for it. >> that's crazy. >> now, for people who don't have a business partner and n't worry about them, you know, raking them over the coals
7:25 am
financially, one of the mistakes is we put way too much on our facebook. if there's some unscrupulous person that wants to steal your identity, it's a jackpot. >> it is. old adage, knowledge is power. information is power. we need to look at that in a new way as all this data is being aggregat aggregated. >> for instance, what can a bad guy looking at your facebook find to use against you? >> just the most simple. they have your name, your date of birth and your city of origin, where you were born, they've got enough to put it into a formula in 40% of the cases to find out your social security number. with that, you know, that's the keys to the kingdom. >> and i saw you on "60 minutes" where you were -- you posed as somebody from a bank. >> yeah. >> you called somebody and you effectively got them to give up a simple little p.i.n. number and the way you did it, it was so innocuous, just the p.i.n. number, what's the harm? >> that's the whole thing that social networking is giving away is those little trust factors that allow me to do things like socially engineer you to con you out of more information like the
7:26 am
p.i.n. number. >> right, with your grocery store check cashing card, if somebody stole your wallet, something as innocuous as that, they can get what from it? >> all of your data of your, you know, prescriptions you buy. magazines you buy. that's a ton of information that lets people know more about you and lets people get to know you. >> one of the scary things i read regarding what you're presenting today is according to "the wall street journal", if people visit one of the top 50 web sites in the world by the time they get off that site, people on there have installed 64 little tracking devices on to your browser. >> they have and that just shows the new world that we're living in and that we have to approach this whole topic of, you know, watching what we share and with whom. it's no longer about who we can trust. it's much more about how we trust and we have to go through a process of do i spend this currency of identity that i have? >> it's absolutely crazy. it makes you think twice about everything.
7:27 am
john, we thank you very much for joining us live. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> and scaring the living daylights out of us financially. never going on google again. meanwhile, talk about a hard landing. what went wrong and how the pilot managed to walk out of that alive. then they're known for making headlines but today, the salahis revealing something you've never heard before. they are here live. it is a "fox & friends" exclusive. come on in, you guys! you're next on the big shoe. [ male announcer ] you can dream of completely transforming how new york city manages i.t. or, like bmc software, you can dream it and do it. bmc lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange. bmc lists on nasdaq, vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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7:31 am
>> on the pinhead front, shocking display on "fox & friends" this morning. >> thank you, we'll be watching at 9:00 eastern. >> 8:00. >> you're a pinhead, that's why. >> 9:00 eastern. >> only 13 years, i've been on at 8:00. you want to know what a pinhead is? wait, can i get doocy on the cover? >> absolutely. >> all right. doocy, it gets worse. he's actually on the program on thursday. this program. on the news quiz. please e-mail steve doocy, tell him to stop being a pinhead. >> you know life is good for o'reilly when he can pick his pinhead out at 8:00 in the morning. >> let me tell you what i'm
7:32 am
saying. his book is called "pinheads and patriots" i thought it came on before 9:00. i could spin it that way. >> no spin zone, remember? even when you're a pinhead on o'reilly's show, it's still a victory. >> listen, i'm -- >> you're on o'reilly's show, ok? >> i'm in a very special category. now, me, hugo chavez, michael moore, sean penn ooment auto all the people you hang out with. >> when we have a big party of pinheads i got an invitation. thanks, bill! you're the best! >> all right. we have so much to tell you about this morning because we had all the elections yesterday and almost all the results are in this morning for primaries in seven states and washington, d.c. in new hampshire, it's still too close to call. but in delaware, a stunning upset. tea party favorite christine o'donnell defeating long time congressman mike castle in the senate g.o.p. primary. julie kirtz live in d.c. with a roundup of all the races for us. good morning. >> good morning. key wins for the tea party movement for sure last night. christine o'donnell said this morning, party leaders didn't believe she could win the race
7:33 am
but she pulled off that upset over establishment republican congressman michael castle in the senate race in delaware for biden's seat. 53% to 46%. o'donnell had won the endorsement of sarah palin and she surged over the weekend. the g.o.p. in delaware considered her inexperienced and even campaigned against her in the party's view. castle and not o'donnell had the best shot in november. now o'donnell moves on with or without the state republican party's support. and in new york, another insurgence of republican with tea party backing won. carl paladino defeated the former republican representative rick lazio in the primary for governor there. lazio was the party favorite. >> if we've learned anything tonight, it's that new yorkers are as mad as hell! >> and we're not gonna take it anymore!
7:34 am
>> and in new hampshire, it's still too close to call as you said. former state attorney general kelly ayotte led the field for the republican nomination for the open senate seat this morning. her victory would be sort of a silver lining for establishment republicans but the question this morning, how will these tea party backer candidates like o'donnell and paladino do in the general and independent voters are mixed into all of this. back to you guys. >> all right, julie kirtz live for us in d.c. thanks very much. >> quick rundown of what's happening. here's the rest of the stuff. ground zero first responders head to washington this morning to fight for a bill that would give them free health care. the measure would provide coverage to people who were exposed to toxins right after the terror attacks. no official date yet but the house may vote on the bill, health and compensation act later on this month. >> meanwhile, lawyers for the imam who plans to build a mosque at ground zero heading to court today after being sued by a city where that imam owns two apartment buildings.
7:35 am
the lawsuit filed in union city, new jersey, says faisal rauf hasn't addressed mold problems and fire hazards pointed out to him and his managers by the tenants and he says he's ignored problems and orders from city officials on numerous code violations. no comment yet from mr. rauf. >> less than a month after the bodies of 72 mike rants were found on a ranch near the texas-mexico border, the chief of mexico's immigration agency is calling it quits. she led mexico's national immigration institute for four years. mexican officials suspect drug gangs were behind the migrant murders. unbelievable images from an air show in england now as a plane nose dives into the ground in front of thousands of onlookers. pilot mike newman crashed during the royal air force's association show. witnesses say the glider's nose crumbled as it hit the concrete. newman was able to miraculously fall out of the plane.
7:36 am
he broke three vertebrae but they are expecting a full recovery. it's not clear what caused that accident. those are the headlines today. tareq and michaele salahi are magnets for the spotlight. we came to know them after the white house state dinner. the tension continues on the reality show "the real housewives of d.c." but now something you haven't heard about the salahis. about to make a shocking announcement about her health here on "fox & friends." it's in the new book "cirque de salahi" be careful who you trust. that's written by journalist diane dimond. they join us right now. so you're going to make a shocking announcement. i want to go over a couple of other things first. so much has been made of the publicity that the two of you have garnered and it all started back at that white house state dinner. and you want to set the record straight, as i believe you tried to do for sometime. what was the true story? >> well, we didn't crash. and we've been saying that privately and publicly that we
7:37 am
never party crashed the white house. and, you know, we couldn't in the beginning come out and just say that we didn't party crash because there were contracts that we had to deal with and then, of course, attorneys got involved. but -- and again, here we are today saying we didn't do it. diane dimond did her own investigation and making sure everything we were saying was in fact, true and did her own research and now we're here to set the record straight. >> you already contracted by bravo to be, you were the first couple to be on to be part of "the real housewives of d.c." that's why you're saying you couldn't comment after the fact. let me ask you this because maybe people in d.c. knew who you were before that time but the rest of the country had no idea who the salahis were and after that incident, right or wrong, everyone did know who you were. so in a way, did it work in your favor? >> you know, we were always -- never to this level traveling and we had met world leaders. my husband has played polo many times with prince charles.
7:38 am
we were very much out on the scene. after that night, our lives with the media just took a spin. and we really got highlighted every little movement in our life so that was a part that we had to adjust to. and learn to understand. >> didn't you ask for that by signing up for a reality show? >> you know, yeah. i guess we did. you know, i was just so excited to be honest, gretchen, to my husband has been -- he has a winery and done polo and i was just really excited to have something that i was doing. and that was empowering women and the nation's capital. >> speaking of the winery, tareq, still unclear. is the winery back in operation now? that was another one of the accusations was you had to file for bankruptcy. >> that's right. you know, the winery is indeed right now closed to the public. but we are planning a reopening. we should have some very good news coming up soon within the next couple of months. it's been a long three years of litigation that my mother, you know, was attacking me and suing me and then later added
7:39 am
michaele. we're makiing good head way. >> people hear about that and about the accusations lobbied against you and they say why is it everywhere this couple goes, controversy seems to follow? >> that's what we say. what is going on? >> i would say yeah, i mean, i would say we're, you know, like any other couple there. i mean, yes, you know, we have hard times. yes, we have to pay bills and pay mortgages and yes, we've gone through some bankruptcy issues and trying to reorganize and, you know, we're struggling like a lot of other people in america. >> what about "the view"? when you went on "the view" there was an accusation that whoopi goldberg hit you and it especially upset you. >> she never hit me. i never accused her of hitting me. that's a media misrepresentation. backstage, whoopi had heard from somebody told her so it was an assumption and once i said bring me the person, the person said
7:40 am
no. in fact, michaele never used the word hit. >> it was probably the way whoopi behaved backstage when she was attacking michaele with the foul language, that doesn't help her with her health condition. >> we'll get to that in a moment. i want to bring in diane dimond, the author of cirquesde salahi. you've had a very storied career in investigative journalism and many people would wonder why you would to take on this task about writing a book about the salahis? >> i'll tell you, i used to cover the white house and the minute i heard this story there were gate crashers at the white house, i said to myself, that can't be. nobody crashes the white house. several months went by and as a special correspondent for "entertainment tonight," i got the assignment to go to washington, to cover something that they were doing. and i met them and i thought well, they're kind of normal people. you know, i'm going to look into this. so i talked to a lot of my secret service sources. can they have gate crashed? and the answer kept coming back no.
7:41 am
the gate had to have opened and they had to have been allowed in. so starting with that assumption, i said well, if that's false on the face, what else is false about these people? >> what did you find out? >> pretty much everything. pretty much everything. >> all of these accusations that we've heard. >> i can't say everything. but -- and you'll read in the book that there are some things i think the salahis are probably not happy that i put in the book. but when you hear that, well, she was never part of the miss u.s.a. contest. yes she was. in pennsylvania. 1990, i found the book. why couldn't -- didn't everybody else find the book? there was a lot of sloppy reporting from the get go here by two people, i believe, at the "washington post" over thanksgiving weekend. now you know, thanksgiving weekend, everything -- >> hot story on a holiday. >> and it's got a catchy title. the gate crashers and it got picked up worldwide. >> i said at the beginning of the interview that michaele had a major announcement exclusively here on "fox & friends." we'll do that right now. it has to do with your health. one of the other controversies surrounding you is some.
7:42 am
other housewives on the show say you're too thin. what would you like to make the announcement about today? >> you know, i am -- i don't deal with anorexic, i'm not an anorexic and i've never had an eating disorder. but one thing i have kept a secret is for 17 -- this is very emotional for her. >> i'm sorry. >> can i jump in? >> for 17 years, michaele has suffered from multiple sclerosis and when i watched the real housewives of d.c. and i see this story line of them picking on her frankly, you know, there's always got to be somebody in those casts that they pick on and it happens to be michaele, she's anorexic. we have to have an intervention. it keeps the story line flowing but, unfortunately, it's not true. just like it wasn't true that they were the gate crashers. she has multiple sclerosis. >> i can talk now. sorry, gretchen, i had to get that. first time i've said it publicly. my own family, my cousins, a lot of the people dearest to me, my best friend just found out so
7:43 am
it's something that i kept personal. and i think a lot of people do with chronic illnesses or, you know, any type of disease, you know, whether it's heart or whatever you deal with, you know, breast cancer, so for me, i kept it personal because i never wanted to be judged. never wanted to have pity and i certainly wanted to hold on to my job. so -- and i think, you know, we're making strides in america every year but maybe at this time, with the white house and everything that took place, maybe all this happened for a reason and i can do something good to help someone else. >> and you know, that -- one thing that, you know, michaele and i'm very proud of her coming out and talking about this, but instead of running and keeping her head in the sand, you know, stay out there. live a life. do what needs to be done. >> rye. you can have a great life. >> you can have a great life. >> many people do. >> people will be very shocked to find that out today. we hope your health continues in the right direction. we appreciate you telling your story here on "fox & friends"
7:44 am
today. >> congratulations on the book. >> thanks very much. coming up on the show, the tea party is claiming victory this morning in several states. but will their celebrations carry over to november? does it spell doom for the g.o.p.? that's next. oof! i hope he has that insurance. how come? well if you're hurt and can't work it pays you cash... so...what's it called? uhhhhh aflaaac!!!! we've got you under our wing.
7:45 am
a-a-a-aflaaac! ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses.
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7:47 am
>> hey, the tea party is celebrating wins in delaware and in new york and they're doing it both this morning. political novices carl paladino, he's rich and christine o'donnell ousting the established washington insiders rick lazio and former congressman mike castle respectively. will these grassroots victories continue in november? why are so many down about the prospects? joining us is tea party organizer and radio talk show host dana roach. first off, you look at karl rove and look at the officials from the cooke report, the rothenberg report, you keep hearing that o'donne o'donnell's win is fine for now
7:48 am
but not for the general. why? >> that's a good question, brian. and thanks for having me back. i think that people are trying to throw in the towel way too early. i could not think of a worst thing to happen than while o'donnell is giving her victory speech, while she has all the supporters there, you have the nrsc and all these other people drop this bomb in the middle of her speech saying they're not going to support her, they're not going to back her. she can't win in the general election. she's not going to win if people are taking this really adversarial tone to her. that's one of the things that we receive. we don't have to have this adversarial relationship with the republican party or the nrsc and i think really, this is going to come down to grassroots activists putting their money where their mouth is. they got their candidates and we know paladino doesn't need the help with money in new york but o'donnell definitely does in delaware. this will really come down to tea party activists putting their money where their mouth is
7:49 am
in this situation. >> in a way, don't you agree, dana, there's more on the line now for the tea party than ever before. they prove they can make a difference. can they get the victory? >> right, you know, that's it. there is a lot on the line for the tea party now. especially with delaware because this is -- this is really like a david and goliath kind of situation. took on the beltway and you won. and with o'donnell, she's going to need grassroots support. it's fine to stand on the street with protest sign. that's great. that's not going to win an election. it's great to make promises on twitter but that's not going to give her cash on hand. it's going to take people actually donating time and money, making sure she has the cash for television ads and all that, that's what it's going to take. i mean, they wanted it. this is what you wanted, tea party. now you need to put the boots on the ground and make it real. >> dana, we'll listen to more of your commentary throughout the day. dana lewis, radio talk show host and tea party member, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, brian. >> carl paladino will spend $10 million of his own money. a pair of country legends calling out everyone from the
7:50 am
president to sarah palin even tiger woods. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay
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7:53 am
>> ♪ i've seen nothing like a bowl of cherries they're too little after it's more like a jar of paladinos what you do to save the day don't go away and stay it will just come back and burn your [beep] ♪ >> so true. they made waves with hits like
7:54 am
"let your love flow" and "if i said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me". they're making another comeback with what some say is a controversial song that appears on you tube via video. the bellamy brothers, david and howard join us live. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> jalapeno is kind of an anti-politician, conservative message video. why are you being banned on the radio? >> because we said erect. >> ok. >> i know. it does. >> the radio station saying it's in a reference to viagra and that would make it offensive to play on the radio. >> as opposed to the ads that run on the radio all the time. >> i think we're too old to play on the radio. out to pasture, you know. >> the message is what? it's about anti-politician, it's anti--- >> kind of an irreverent look at political climate today in
7:55 am
america. i think. >> th >> the assessment is it will come back and burn your blank tomorrow. what made you so upset about politics to write a song about this? >> the climate is pretty toxic. we all know it. it was something we thought we'd get off our chests so -- >> can i say one thing? why weren't we invited to this video? this seems like the best party i've been at. >> it was a lot of fun. >> you were doing a video and it was packed. >> this is at our buddy's ranch in fort worth, texas and we had a party. >> to be honest, it's one of the lowest budget videos we've ever done and we've got more recognition on it than anything in a long time. >> you have film in that camera? how did you get word that this was becoming viral on you tube? >> it was -- we put it up like the 2nd of june or something like that and just, you know, we watched it for a few days and people started hitting it right away, you know, the -- the gals did the posting on facebook and vrpg, of course, we got the fans
7:56 am
hitting it but all of a sudden, it had 100,000 hits in the first two or three weeks. >> fast forward to today, you're right on the verge of a million hits on you tube which last year, did you guys even know what you tube was? >> no, last month, i didn't. >> what do you think quickly about the elections last night? >> i think that it spoke pretty loudly. tea party is looking strong. i'm curious to see what the main elections gonna do, you know. >> all right. i guess we should say break out the jalapenos. >> yeah. >> you can write a song about us, we'd like to be in the video. >> you're invited to the next one. >> thank you very much. we'll be there! >> bellamy brothers, thank you so much. >> thank you guys. >> over a million for us. ok? >> jalapeno. >> all right. it will be available in stores and available to download october 5th. >> you know how to download stuff? >> oh, yeah. >> thank goodness. >> coming up on the show, new snag for the developer behind the mosque near ground zero. he has just been evicted. >> and breaking down the
7:57 am
primary election results with tim kaine, former chairman. d.n.c. and delaware's tea party turned republican nominee for the senate, christine o'donnell here live. [ male announcer ] there's complete. and then there's most complete. like what you get from centrum ultra men's. the most completeultivitamin for men. it has antioxidants to help support your immunity and nutrients like vitamin d for your colon. centrum ultra men's. [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine.
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>> gretchen: good day today. election results, good morning. everyone. it's wednesday, september 15, 2010. thank you for sharing your time. throwing the establishment candidates overboard. the tea party delivering several upsets. but do they have what it takes to beat the democrats in november? >> peter: harry reid throws a hail mary as senate majority leader. amnesty for illegal kids? we'll explain. >> brian: also, trouble brewing now over a ground zero mosque. the developer behind the project evicted from soho properties.
8:01 am
"fox & friends" starts right now. >> peter: it's the post game show. most of the results are in this morning and big surprises from tuesday's primary, including significant gains for the tea party movement. more proof that imcouple bents face a surge in angry voters. but what do the results mean for november. what do you think? >> steve, i think it gives us some opportunity. you got to respect energy when you see it. there are going to be seats we'll win in november that six months ago we frankly were pretty sure we were going to lose. >> gretchen: why are you so sure? >> because i see the folks who are outside the main stream, hearing republicans talk about some of these nominees suggest they've kind of almost said to moderates in the party, you're not welcome.
8:02 am
>> gretchen: they were against cap and trade, because they were against big government spending? >> look, in the delaware race, the number of republican leaders around the country have said negative things about the candidate just on matters of truth and voracity, kind of character issues is just highly unusual. and i think that gives democrats an excellent opportunity with moderate independent voters to do better in some races than it looked like six months ago we were -- we really thought this delaware race would be incredibly difficult to win because of the number of terms. >> peter: now you think it will be easy? >> no, but we think we have a good shot at winning it. >> brian: so you also have a situation where the governor of new york is going to be a tough road to hoe anyway. then a guy who beats rick lazio. you're a strategist. if success breeds clues on the republican side, what are people saying, in your mind? was it just a republican message
8:03 am
or were you trying to pick up a message? >> i think the principle thing is that there is a civil war going on within the republican party. we started to see that with chase and specter, last night with congressman castle and others. there is a civil war there. but there is a message for us, which is hey, look, people want to see change. they're not yet happy with where everything is. that means that there is more work to do. >> gretchen: governor, the reason that we're seeing these tea party candidates win is because a lot of people believe it's a referendum on your guy, on president obama, and also in the midterm elections, you don't get a huge surge of voters coming out, but you might get a huge surge of tea party voters still coming out on november 2. >> what i would say about that is it is a referendum within the republican primary lectorate and i think it's clear that the tea party has the upper hand. that's not the general election. you've got the independents and
8:04 am
democrats coming out in the midterm, so the tea party has the upper hand in the republican party, but i don't think in the general election. >> peter: you have to factor in the incouple benefitsy thing. castle became the 7th republican incumbent. tea party or not, people are across the board, both parties, the gop and the democrats, they're just angry with people in washington. you guys let us down. we're going to throw you all out. >> we were talking about that last week. some of our polling is tough, but the other side is, too. there is a great deal of anxiety. people are hurting. the candidates who speak to that, you're hurting, are the ones who will do well. but not just hey, i'm mad too, but here is what we can do about it. i think trying to switch from the negative to the can do optimistic thing is important for all. >> brian: it's also good to know that you needed more time on the couch after last week. >> time on the couch every week is what i need.
8:05 am
>> brian: i also want to talk about the tax cuts. looks like the senate will go first. how concerned are you that ben nelson, evan bayh, and others saying on the record, listen, i think we should consider leaving all the bush tax cuts in place and you got five different so-called pod democrats saying the same thing in the house? >> i haven't done nose counting on that. but obviously i support the president's positions. >> brian: as middle only? >> we ought to have tax cuts only. middle class. >> gretchen: look at what congressman paul ryan from wisconsin told me today. he's labeled one of the young guns, he says that they're going to have bipartisan support with the democrats and the republicans in the house to pass all the tax cuts. >> we are in the interested in negotiating down these tax cuts. we want to make sure that what -- the great thing is we believe we have enough democrat, a handful of democrats that will vote with us to extend all the
8:06 am
tax rates. if this comes to the floor, we will provide the votes to pass this. the question is, will president obama and speaker pelosi allow that to happen or not. >> that's his prediction. but the thing i really noticed is he began with we're not interested in negotiating. that's been the strategy since day one. we're not going to talk about this. the president laid out his position. i haven't talked to him about what's going to happen when all this gets factored in the wash. the president is always listening to the other side. >> gretchen: the president continues to blame the republicans for this whole tax cut initiative and now you've got, as brian mentioned, scores of democrats who are siding with the republicans. >> i'm not sure it's scores. congressman ryan talked to folks, so he's making a statement about what people have told him. i don't see scores. i think the vast majority of democrats and the public strongly believe that these cuts should be targeted. >> brian: how do you feel about chris van locallen, saying a one year temporary extension for top earners. is that something you can see the president showing, i can
8:07 am
work with both sides? >> i don't want to put words in the white house's mouth on that. >> peter: how about words coming out of your mouth? >> i think we ought to stick with the plan and focus in on middle class and small businesses. that's the thing that not only did i think it's the right thing to do from a policy standpoint in terms of who most deserves it, but especially in terms of what's going to help the economy grow because as you've seen the studies, too, that tax cuts to middle class and small businesses are most likely to be spent, generating economic activity. >> peter: you've got activity today, you have a big announcement. >> very excited. later on today, in george washington university where my son goes, i'll do a rollout of a set of web tools for the dnc. a new look, new slogan, new tools. it's been about a decade since we've done this. we're switching the focus from dnc is about the structure, we want to focus on the people. democrats, 75 million strong. change that matters. the web site will have tools that will enable people right away to get local information
8:08 am
and take action steps either to register or help their candidates. >> gretchen: you're using the word change again. we know that was obama's moniker. >> and it's working and small business lending bill happened yesterday and we feel good about that. we'll continue to do that heavy lifting. >> peter: what day next week are you going to be with us? >> i don't know where i'll be next week. >> gretchen: i want to interview you after the tax cut decision. >> we'll come back after that. thanks. >> gretchen: members of the house are so concerned about saving their job action word now they're planning to cut their fall session short to hit the campaign trail. wendell goal be joins us live with that. this started yesterday afternoon. the house will be in session for two weeks? >> that's still in the maybe category. the white house says the democrats will do what they need to do to get reelected. the president will do what he can to help them, whether that means campaigning with them or staying away. since some of their biggest legislative achievements have started out not to be big vote
8:09 am
getters, we're talking about the health reform bill and $800 billion stimulus package, house members may knock off a week or so early to go back home and give them a chance to talk more with their constituents in person. house speaker nancy pelosi says talking with their constituents in person last year made a difference and says these guys are all independent representatives of their districts. here is a bit of what she had to say last night. >> last summer was a tough summer and our members saved the health care bill by going out, having thousands of town meetings and other public events in order to communicate with their members. >> at least a half a dozen of the 34 house democrats who voted against the health care reform bill are running ads highlighting their no votes. few aren't even mentioning their democrats and both of those things are fueling republican national committee attack ads. republicans, who have accused
8:10 am
democrats of doing too much legislatively over the past year and a half, are now calling on democrats to stay in session, calling on the house to stay in session and the senate, saying if they leave too soon, the extension of the bush administration tax cuts could be put off until a lame duck session and also other possible legislation that could cut back federal spending. so stay tuned. we'll see whether members of the house go home a bit early to get ready -- to give them more chance to do some politicking in advance of the fall election. >> gretchen: never a dull moment on capitol hill. wendell, thank you very much. >> brian: now your headlines. >> gretchen: we're hearing for the first time the chilling 911 tapes from the gas explosion in san bruno, california that killed four people. callers and emergency responders first thought a plane had gone down. that was followed by even more confusion. listen. >> we have no heart in the hydrant! we need it to be brought in to
8:11 am
us! >> copy that. >> we think we got a broken water main here. >> gretchen: ntsb investigating why it took three hours to shut off the gas after the explosion. a string of sloppiness and mistakes by air traffic controllers caused the crash over the hudson river last summer. that's according to a new ruling from the national transportation safety board. nine people died when the sight seeing helicopter crashd into a plane. one controller was on the phone apparently cracking jokes when he should have been doing his job which would have been to warn the pilot. the developer behind the mosque near ground zero kicked out of his own office in new york city. the new york daily news reports that he was hit with an eviction notice for fail to go pay $39,000 in back rent. it's not the first time he's fallen behind. his real estate property were sued last year for nearly $89,000 in back rent. those are your quick headlines.
8:12 am
>> peter: poor guy. having a rough week. harry reid is having a rough go out in nevada where he's running for his job in the u.s. senate. now he is pushing the dream act and we've talked a little bit about this. this would allow i believe about 700,000 young people in this country illegally who came in under the age of 16 or who have been in the military for a couple of years, to become citizens and now to make sure, to jam this thing through and get it passed, 'cause he wants it to pass, he apparently is going to attach it to a defense bill that in washington is always a slam dunk. >> gretchen: the dream act, which he says is long overdue, would do this: it would give illegals children, under 16 years of age who have been -- that they came here under 16, been here five years, if they go to college or joined the military, they can then become legal residents. those are the parameters in which 700,000 people might immediately begin to be legal here.
8:13 am
>> brian: i don't know how that resonates with the people of nevada because people in nevada are staunch, get out. i'm not sure why he thinks it's necessary to do this now. >> peter: apparently there are a number of republicans who say look, if that's in there, plus a don't ask don't tell thing in there, we'll have trouble with it. stand by for the dream act. >> brian: have you heard about the obama tax cuts for the middle class? democrats aren't proposing new tax breaks. they want to take credit fort current ones. it's a branding thing. >> a good idea? a political panel will entertain that thought. >> gretchen: way more than donald trump's better half. milania trump is here with her own venture into the world of big business.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> peter: president obama wants to extend the bush era tax cuts
8:17 am
for all but the most successful americans and now some democrats in congress are considering a new label for the plan. call it the obama tax cuts for the middle class. are they now trying to take credit for the idea that started under george bush? today on our panel, we've got julian, professor of history and public affairs at princeton university, author of the book "jimmy carter." sheryl, actress and creator of divas simply dancing. >> singing. >> peter: thank you very much. and there is probably dancing as well. and gracie rosenberger, singer and author of the book "gracie, standing with hope." good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> peter: professor, let's start with you. taking the bush era tax cut and rebranding them, is that a good idea? >> they get credit for it? >> i think it is a good idea. politicians in both parties do that all the time. at this point, selling a tax cut to the middle class is very
8:18 am
appealing and i think they're on target to do that. >> peter: but i mean, on both sides of the political spectrum, we already know, gracie, that both parties are for the middle class part. it's just the democrats are against the tax cut for the most successful americans. >> that's right. and i don't understand why we have to put the bush tax cut with it, nor the obama tax cut 'cause it's our tax cut. it's our money and so i'm not for the naming thing. i'm for them, give now. so it is my name. it is the obama tax cut.
8:19 am
>> the benefit is you get a consensus on an important area of policy. and so obama and bush are distant in 2008, but on this area, there is now some kind of unity. >> peter: gracie? >> yeah. did you sense i was thinking a little bit differently? >> peter: yeah, a little bit. >> because i'm not going to split hairs with what you said 'cause it is true. i don't really care what they want to call it. but my issue is with the whole thing of the 250,000 up is apparently filthy rich. i don't make 250,000, but i would like to some day. i run a nonprofit. we put legs on people all over the world and especially in africa. and the people that make 250 and over are mainly the people that help me put legs on people in africa. so if you mess around with them, they're going to get scared and the first thing they start doing, they stop giving.
8:20 am
>> peter: especially now in this crazy economy where everybody is worried. >> everybody is worried and everybody is trying to save what they have in their pocket or don't have in their pocket right now. >> peter: and the republicans say because it is such a dicey economy right now, don't raise taxes on anybody for a couple of years because if they're wrong, it could be really bad. >> then when you look at things that will happen like with the san bruno fire, we all know this infrastructure in america needs reworking and building up and that money is going to come from taxes. >> peter: sheryl, there was money in the last stimulus as well. our panel returns after the break. we're going to discuss what a tea party victory last night means for the gop come november. some suggest it will make it tougher to unseat some democrats. plus, punishment for the u.s. pilot who went to work drunk. always bad when you're flying ag plane, especially for the people in the back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> gretchen: time for a couple quick headlines. craigs list officials testifying before congress on the sex trafficking of minors. this will be the first time the web site will talk about the adult services that used to be advertised on the site. a few weeks ago, craigs list removed the adult tab and replaced it with a black box labeled, censored. but no word if that change is permanent. a delta pilot who tried to fly drunk arrested before take justify. dutch police arrested him as he was about to pilot a flight from amsterdam to newark. a breath test found he was above the legal limit. passengers were put on a different flight. the pilot was fined and released. police have not named him yet. >> peter: the results are in from the final round of primaries yesterday before the midterms and once again the tea party movement flexed its
8:25 am
muscles. but how will the results affect republican party's chances come november? we're become with this morning's political panel. professor julian, sheryl lee ralph and gracie rosenberger. sheryl lee, let's start with you, some democrats are delighted that the tea party candidate, christine o'donnell would win in delaware because they go, we can beat her easy. >> you know something, never take anything for granted. this used to be coffee country. but it has become very obvious overnight that somebody in america is ready for a cup of tea and it seems like it's starting to brew a little bit on the strong side. what i find amazing about this is how many women are in the race. how many women are saying, you didn't support me then, but guess what, i believe in my own change and i'm moving forward. call it whatever you want to, but it's interesting, that woman made it against all the odds. >> peter: she absolutely did. she ran against joe biden in 2008. she did get a lot of support,
8:26 am
though, from governor sarah palin. so gracie, what do you see? >> well, i think that the women, it's just like -- okay, i'm going to throw this out and hope i'm not skuwered, but if i'm, i'm on fox, it will be good coverage. it's like women in the church and you heard this over the years. that there is more and more women in church now than men. there is more and more women being leaders in church. i mean, even pastors in church. and stick with me, i've got a point. okay. and it's not on my head. and why do you think that we have more women? because the men -- i'm not saying y'all would -- but some of the men, a lot of them, are dropping the ball. >> gretchen: now, that's frightening, too, because there is a saying and it says if you want a cruel master, then you've got to hire a slave. and i hope that some of these women that are now coming into this race do not become the
8:27 am
worst side of what a lot of the men have been because obviously the men have become something that people are moving away from and i hope these women don't pick up the worse. but i hope they bring the best because we need that right now. >> peter: absolutely. professor, as you look at how well the tea party did, and also we should point out that the tea party candidate in new york for governor, carl paladino, wound up surprising everybody by beating the establishment candidate of rick lazio. >> yeah. we'll have to see. there is two different moments that we can compare it to. in 1964, concerntives nominated barry goldwater and he got destroyed in a landslide victory and it wasn't the right time. then in the '70s, conservative activists reemerged and in 1980 they put ronald reagan up on the ticket and many people dismissed them, including republicans, as fringe candidates and reagan took them by surprise. i'm not sure we're at the 1980 moment right now and i do think this might cost republicans the
8:28 am
senate. that said, i don't think we should dismiss t tea party as an ineffective force. >> peter: all right. great political panel today. professor, does this qualify us for credit at princeton? we thank you all for joining us live. >> thank you. >> peter: we got a fax news alert. the united states polling employees from one area after a terror threat. we'll have the very latest on that after a quick time out. then as we were just talking about, tea party candidate christine o'donnell now the republican nominee for delaware's senate seat in the u.s. senate. but the republicans refuse to back her officially. she's live with us. she's going to join news a couple of minutes. good morning to you. and there are no strangers to making headlines. now something about the salahis you've never heard before today. a stunning announcement made here on "fox & friends." we got the replay.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> gretchen: fox news alert. breaking just now from the u.s. embassy in jordan. the state department has issued a terror warning citing an imminent threat. this is for the gulf of acaba region. the american embassy recommends that all nonofficial and personal travel to that area be postponed for the next 48 hours. the embassy in jordan, also recommends that u.s. citizens stay out of downtown and port
8:33 am
areas. more details on this developing story as they continue to come in some other headlines. lawyers for the imam behind the ground zero mosque heading to court after being sued by union city, new jersey. imam rauf owns to apartment buildings there. one lawsuit claims he hasn't addressed mold problems and fire hazards pointed out by his tenants who are worried about mold and fires. he ignoreed code violations. no comment on mr. rauf. >> brian: ground zero first responders who rally in washington to show support for a bill that could give them free health care. the measure would provide coverage to people who were exposed to the toxins right after the terrorist attacks nine years ago. no official date. but the house may vote on the 9-11 and compensation act later this month. >> gretchen: the sila hees in the spotlight since the white house state dinner. this morning they stopped by "fox & friends" with a shocking
8:34 am
announcement. >> one thing i have kept a secret is for 17 -- >> gretchen: this is very emotional for her. sorry. >> can i jump in? >> yes. >> for 17 years, she has suffered from multiple sclerosis. >> i never wanted to be judged or have pity. >> gretchen: their story can be found in the new book by diane diamond called "cirque desalahi, be careful who you trust." >> peter: be careful what's going on in the atlantic. three storms we're worried about. karl is bearing on on the yucatan peninsula of mexico. igor, it looks like over the next day or so, this category 4 storm will be taken a turn to the right, could impact bermuda and on its tail, you got julia. it is a very busy september out
8:35 am
in the atlantic. storm wise. that's your travel cast. >> brian: 26 minutes now before the top of the hour. tea party favorite christine o'donnell celebrating victory after beating mike castle in last night's gop primary. giving the tea party movement a huge win until about a month ago, her victory was considered a political impossibility. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. [ cheers and applause ] >> peter: and fresh off her win, christine o'donnell joins us live from delaware. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. it was an exciting night last night. >> peter: indeed. although it must have been tempered by the fact that, okay, i just won. wait a minute. a bunch of republicans are saying, why did you do that? she can't win, even though she's the official candidate now. >> right. you know, those same so-called
8:36 am
political experts are the ones that said that i had no shot of taking down a 40-year political veteran in this primary. we did that with just a tenth of what mirin opponent raised and we didn't only win, we won big. those folks, maybe they were making those statements because their pride had just been hurt and their credibility just took a severe shot. >> gretchen: there is so much involved in this, miss o'donnell. now mike castle, your opponent, this is the statement that's been issued this morning from one of his aides. there is no chance of an endorsement of christine o'donnell. she has palin. why would she need castle? have you heard that before and how do you react? >> no, i haven't heard it, but they're right. just like mirin opponent was an obama republican, we have a lot of reagan democrats here in delaware who are thrilled about the palin endorsement.
8:37 am
but it's not even she has palin, why would i need mike castle. i have the support of the people here in delaware and that is who i'm counting on to win this general election. i mean, a couple weeks ago, people thought we had no shot. but before all the republican cannibalism started, i was two points ahead in the general election. i believe if we put all of this behind us and do some damage control, we can get to that lead once again. very quickly, too. >> brian: while you were celebrating, i was watching hannity last night. sorry. i wasn't invited to your party. i couldn't believe the battle he had with karl rove. usually they sing from the same hymn book. here is a coat. this is about mike castle's bad vote. we were looking at eight to nine seats in the senate. now seven to eight. this is not a race we're going to be able to win. karl rove is an optimist. what do you think he's seeing there? >> well, i think he's seeing that he's one of the so-called experts whose credibility was hurt last night becauses he was
8:38 am
here in delaware meeting with a lot of the tea party folks asking them not to get behind me. their response was, you're asking us to put party power over principles. you obviously don't understand what's going on in the country this year. so it's a shame because i would say that's a lazy way out because mirin opponent supported the democrats more often than he supported the republicans. so i think they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, that they were saying it's all about party power and you know what? look what happened. we won and if we have that same determination and commitment, we can win the general. >> peter: how much of the win do you attribute to the support from the tea party people who were certainly motivated, or how much was just people are motivated because they want to throw the bums out, the anti-incumbents? >> well, i think that had a lot to do with it. but we've been working very hard all summer, even in the spring
8:39 am
to go up and down the state, meet as many voters as possible, and the people in delaware, the everyday americans who are frustrated with politics as usual, who feel isolated by the establishment in both parties here in delaware, got behind us and put us into a position of strength that then got the national attention. especially because in this race, the winner is sworn in the day after election day. so can be serve not guilty that lame duck session that harry reid and nancy pelosi will be having. that's what initially put the spotlight on this race. >> gretchen: i want to give you good news. senate gop leader mitch mcconnell, republican from kentucky, has said that he is not backing away from supporting you as the winner in delaware. so you have mitch mcconnell in your corner for now. >> that's great to hear. speaks a lot about his character. >> brian: he hopes to be majority leader, so he's pulling for you. >> peter: christine o'donnell, the big winner in the primary in
8:40 am
delaware yesterday, thank you for joining us live. >> thank you for having me. >> peter: with two months before they face voters, senate democrats yesterday advanced the measure to help small businesses. they claim it could create 500,000 jobs by encouraging community banks to lend to small firms. but gop members call it a junior version of the government's wall street bailout. so are democrats really interested in helping small businesses? >> gretchen: joining us, tom sullivan, welcome to the curvy couch. >> i was going to say, i've been across the hallway for three years. i finally made it to the curvy couch. >> peter: and? >> brian: and tom we're out of time. thank you for joining us. [ laughter ] >> let me give you an example of whether you think this is going to work or you think it's going to be another 30 billion right over the cliff. the president the other day during his news conference came out and he told chip reed over at cbs, he asked him a question and he said, he says to chip, we have given small businesses tax
8:41 am
breaks eight times since i've been in office. okay. so a 9th time you think might -- >> peter: and it really worked the first eight, didn't it? >> it really did. you go, wait a minute, if that's not going to work. the other thing is, this is a junior tarp. remember they gave the money to the banks and they went. we think they're going to lend. and they did not lend. >> peter: they sat on the money. >> now they're going to give 30 million to community banks to hope they lend to small businesses. what do you think will happen? we're repeating the same policy over and over that did not work. >> gretchen: the problem with the first tarp was that they didn't do any fine print. they didn't say, here is $700 billion and by the way, here are the rules in which you have to spend it, or loan it. >> right. i have on my radio show, i have community bankers calling me saying, i don't want to take the money because i saw what they did to the big banks and they put all these rules on them about how they could run their bank. we don't want to take the money. so you have banks not wanting to take the money. you have small business people
8:42 am
who don't want to go into debt. you've got a program that's been tried eight times before. i'm sorry. we all want to help small businesses and the other problem is, the president has said this a couple of times now. he has said along the lines that businesses, small businesses are waiting for us to pass this legislation so they can go hire. they're not waiting for washington to decide whether they want to hire somebody or not. >> peter: that's such a good point. >> brian: we'll focus on the election. but we want to find out how to help small business. one thing people say is, tarp got paid back, how bad could it have been? >> they need to clear the fog of confusion. right now we don't know what our taxes are going to be in 2 1/2 months. businesses don't. they don't know what it's going to cost to hire someone because of health care or what it will cost to lend because of the rules. all these question marks and when there is indecision, people
8:43 am
go back into their turtle shell. >> gretchen: they do. under the mattress. right? >> yeah. >> peter: thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: good luck with your show. we see you saturday and sunday, 7 and 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> i'm on 1,000 times on the weekend. >> brian: then in the morning at 7:00 o'clock and at night at 8:00 o'clock. >> peter: like the geico gecko. >> i show up everywhere. >> gretchen: coming up on our show, he's considered so dangerous, the obama administration authorized his assassination. now they may choose a civilian trial for that guy, al-awlaki. is the white house going soft? >> brian: or just whacky? donald trump's wife is here live. we like her so much better than donald already. you'll find out how she's going into her own independent venture. it's a big business. she'll be joining us live.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> brian: president obama and his administration considering filing criminal charges, yes, criminal charges against anwar al al-awlaki. he's currently under kill or capture order by the government. but if the c.i.a. fails to kill him and he is captured, he could be prosecuted in a federal court. we're joined by fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. how does that sound? >> the world is upside down is what's going on here in the united states. this is part and parcel of the obama administration's desire to prosecute terrorists in federal court. new york, los angeles, washington, nashville, philadelphia, pick a city in america, let's prosecute them in the united states. there is a standing order, according to published reports, to kill mr. al-awlaki who is a
8:48 am
yemeni citizen and american citizen. so aclu on his behalf and on his father's behalf has brought a lawsuit and said, no, no. you can't be engaging in drone attacks on this man, even though there are reports that he was involved with the christmas day bombing, even though there are reports that he was involved in contact with the fort hood assailant, even though there are reports he's been involved with various planned attacks here in the united states. >> brian: here is what the aclu said. if the government has the evidence that al al-awlaki is involved in terrorist activities, they should present that in court. >> it's kind of a james bond concept they're trying to enforce. the law is that there is a capacity, there is an ability to go after in a military way, and
8:49 am
kill people who are considered military enemies of the united states. it is reported that he is associated with al-qaeda of the arabian peninsula. that is a military -- this is not a political assassination that we're talking about. the issue is he is an american citizen, though, but if an american citizen, according to the c.i.a., according to the federal government, they step over the line, then there is an ability to kill them on the battlefield in a military fashion. >> brian: i have an idea, let's kill them and let his family sue us and see how that goes. >> i hate for anyone to be killed. >> brian: i'd like him killed. >> but this is a person suspected of being an al-qaeda terrorist. what's the real rule of law? >> brian: kill them. thanks, peter. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. melania trump is here. how she's diving back into the world of big business, but first, let's check in with two big business moguls themselves, martha mccallum. what have you put together for the next two hours?
8:50 am
>> good morning, brian. let me tell you that. health care, of course, the reform bill passed in congress as we all know. but is it constitutional? that question is now before the court and this is getting interesting. we'll talk to the texas attorney general about his case and delaware's gop tells christine o'donnell, you got sarah palin, you don't need us. what's up with all this? coming up.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> gretchen: she's a mom, model, and now an entrepreneur. donald trump's better half is making a name for herself as a jewelry designer. melania trump's new fall collection debuts this friday. people want to know how you do
8:54 am
it. balancing motherhood and now launching a jewelry business. >> my schedule is very busy and i'm still organized. i'm a mother first and then a wife. when everybody is out of the house, my baby boy baron in school, he was just born three weeks old, when everybody is out, my husband doing his own business, i am doing my own business. >> brian: tell me about this in particular because joan rivers thinks she has the jewelry world locked up. but you are telling her to move over. what's your focus as you put this stuff together? >> peter: this is her carry on, by the way. >> yeah. when i travel, i put jewelry case together and you could wear it for many occasions. that's what i designed for, for women who are business women for the office. a newer collection, sport elegance, when you play tennis, golf, you put a sport watch on. and some earrings and you could go through the day, through the
8:55 am
night or dinner, you could wear almost the same jewelry because it's very different. >> gretchen: here is the catch. it's 30 to $200. >> yes. >> gretchen: it's not in the thousands of dollars. >> no. i want to reach women across the country, to buy jewelry and have fun with it. so not breaking the bank and they could really buy something for themselves and feel great and have fun, to make an outfit, to compliment an outfit. the first collection i had in april was really big success, big, big success. >> peter: the stuff that we've got in the two boxes here, does the donald trump have a favorite piece? >> you know what, i didn't ask him. i didn't ask him. he really likes the collection. he always said you will do very well because you always have a great idea. >> gretchen: you have a design in architecture degree. >> yes, i have a design in
8:56 am
architecture degree. >> gretchen: how old is your son? >> he's 4 1/2. >> peter: so he's wearing silly bands. >> not really, but he's a boy. >> brian: handsome guy. in all the times you spend together having dinner every night at 6:00 o'clock, does he ever bring up "fox & friends" to say how much he preferred to be on the couch than anywhere else? >> of course, he will be on tomorrow. right? >> brian: so we do come up at the house? >> of course. we watch you all the time. >> peter: we're going to continue the conversation with melania trump in just a moment. stand by. more with her and so much more in two minutes.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> peter: melania trump will join us, along with the bellamy brothers, talking about their viral hit "jalapeno." >> brian: tomorrow we have betty white and bristol palin on separately and they'll be great. coming up on kilmeade

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